A Prayer in Brief

that what I’m wearing on my head won’t predispose me to a search, or predispose you to suspect;


that negligence will shrivel up and mature caution will sprout up;


that our visionaries will seek to build and to create, not to wreck and raze;


that the line that so jaggedly isolates idealism from realism will blur;


that buildings will be for skylines, and planes will be for skies, and people will be for loving, and flags will be for pride;


these things I pray.


in frustrated remembrance – sept. 11, 2012

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About Ami Fields-Meyer

Ami Fields-Meyer is an undergraduate at Emory University. He has written more than 140 articles for Truth Be Told Politics. His pieces on both politics and religion have also appeared in the Huffington Post, the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, Sh'ma, the Emory Wheel, and the Milken Roar. Ami likes to listen to the Dave Matthews Band, can quote Anchorman start to finish, and relishes a good bowl of hummus.
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2 Responses to A Prayer in Brief

  1. happy reader says:

    I join you in this prayer, Ami, completely –and hope that each part may and will be reached sooner than later. From your mouth…

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