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‘Remember Now Your Creator’ – The Challenging Dichotomy of Faith and Reason

Last night, at my school’s back-to-school-night for parents, I delivered my “senior sermon.” Each senior at Milken writes and delivers a sermon at some point during his or her final year at the school. Here is mine, on the challenge … Continue reading

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Leaving God at the Door – Why Michele Bachmann Needs to Reaffirm Kennedy’s Promise

As featured on the Huffington Post: With Elai Shine First, she said it was a joke. Now, she’s saying it was a metaphor. One thing is clear: Michele Bachmann thinks that hurricanes happen because of welfare. Last week, shortly after … Continue reading

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A Witch Hunt – Islamophobia in America

Last week, the Pope surprised the world when he exonerated Jews for the killing of Jesus. It was a nice gesture, though he was a little bit late to the party. Jews have endured thousands of years of turmoil as … Continue reading

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When the Numbers Don’t Add Up – Why Man Shouldn’t Decide Woman’s Fate

Yesterday afternoon, the House of Representatives voted 240-185 to block federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Said House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, “The time has come to respect the wishes of the majority of Americans who adamantly oppose using taxpayer dollars … Continue reading

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Report Card – A Brief Response to SOTU

Substance He had a few different jobs to do from a few separate perspectives. In the Eyes of the Left He had to lay out his agenda in a definitive manner and avoid digressing from the party script. He had … Continue reading

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Election Guide

If you think that more minorities belong in jail, vote Republican tomorrow. If you’ve seen your share of nature and have come to terms with letting the rest of it go, vote Republican tomorrow. If you think that no one … Continue reading

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He Likes Soccer!

This past Sunday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was being interviewed on Meet the Press. Responding to a poll showing that a growing percentage of the American populace believes that the president is a Muslim, McConnell asserted, “The president says … Continue reading

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