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When Things Fall into the Ocean

We were about twenty minutes into our tour of the CNN studio in Atlanta when Greg, an eccentric guide in a tomato-red polo, turned around. “Are there any questions?” I sneered. For weeks, CNN’s unremitting coverage of MH 370 has … Continue reading

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A Snowden Pardon Would Not Set a ‘Dangerous Precedent’

Two lawmakers in Norway announced Tuesday that they have nominated Edward Snowden as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. The announcement comes amid a pair of debates surrounding the actions of the infamous NSA whistleblower. The first debate — … Continue reading

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The School that was Too Certain for Curiosity

Written for the Emory Wheel: “Do you know what the most common question philosophy majors ask after college is?” “No, what is it?” “‘Do you want fries with that?’” I cringe and log another mental tally mark. Mr. Adler — a … Continue reading

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Prelude to Longer Piece on Sandy Hook

Because I am immersed in finals week, I have yet to publish a piece on the Sandy Hook massacre. I hope to do so in the next few days. In the meantime, I believe this screenshot that I took of … Continue reading

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Farewell to Truth: Duplicity in the 2012 Campaign

Written for the Huffington Post: It’s an abiding message, but one we keep learning the hard way. David Petraeus scribbled it across his forehead in permanent marker this week: things are not always as they seem. The 2012 election season played … Continue reading

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A Prayer in Brief

that what I’m wearing on my head won’t predispose me to a search, or predispose you to suspect;   that negligence will shrivel up and mature caution will sprout up;   that our visionaries will seek to build and to … Continue reading

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The End of Truth Be Told?

It was during a split second of unfeigned awareness – over a medium-sized cup of lychee berry frozen yogurt that I was sharing with my mom – that I decided to start writing. We’d been talking politics when a knowing … Continue reading

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A Very Narrow Bridge – Graduation Speech

I just want to start by clearing something up. I know that for many of you, this is your first time here, so one thing should know is that this isn’t actually where we go to school. Milken is over … Continue reading

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Spurts of Political Contemplation – TBT Politics on Twitter

I am often asked what moves me to write any given piece for Truth Be Told. Generally, my response is that I write full-length articles “when I have something to say.” Often, however, I find myself inundated with shorter thoughts … Continue reading

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Wet and Quickly Drying – An Explanation of the Year’s Changes, A Proposal for Next Steps

As featured on the Huffington Post: The life we know hasn’t changed much since December 27 of 2010. Murky smog still poisons the air I breathe in Los Angeles. A snapshot of the New York skyline taken today will match … Continue reading

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