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The Right Questions After the March of the Living

Written for the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles: I’m standing with my back against a brick wall at Auschwitz. Monise Neumann points to an area just beyond her and tells a story. When Freddy Diament arrived at the forced labor … Continue reading

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Wet and Quickly Drying – An Explanation of the Year’s Changes, A Proposal for Next Steps

As featured on the Huffington Post: The life we know hasn’t changed much since December 27 of 2010. Murky smog still poisons the air I breathe in Los Angeles. A snapshot of the New York skyline taken today will match … Continue reading

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‘Remember Now Your Creator’ – The Challenging Dichotomy of Faith and Reason

Last night, at my school’s back-to-school-night for parents, I delivered my “senior sermon.” Each senior at Milken writes and delivers a sermon at some point during his or her final year at the school. Here is mine, on the challenge … Continue reading

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Scattered Thoughts on a Scattered Day – September 11, In Memoriam

“Tom!” My dad, a journalist, had left for his daily jog in the wee hours of the morning. As he finished running and stood, stretching, on the sidewalk outside our one-story house, Stu, a neighbor, shouted out to him. “You … Continue reading

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Leaving God at the Door – Why Michele Bachmann Needs to Reaffirm Kennedy’s Promise

As featured on the Huffington Post: With Elai Shine First, she said it was a joke. Now, she’s saying it was a metaphor. One thing is clear: Michele Bachmann thinks that hurricanes happen because of welfare. Last week, shortly after … Continue reading

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When the Mountain Mumbles – The Other Harry Truman and Why He Matters Now

My grandpa likes to tell a story about a man who lived on a mountain. The man’s name was Harry Randall Truman (no relation to the former president) and the mountain was Mt. St. Helens in southern Washington. Truman, an … Continue reading

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The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts – Why Memorial Day is Personal, Even When it’s Not

I’ve never fought in a war and I probably never will. I’m not brave enough. I could write about tragedy (and I often do), and perhaps my words would be resonant – but to me, they’d ring hollow, because I … Continue reading

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