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The Anti-Congress: Why Chris Christie Is the Most Electable Man in Politics

Written for the Huffington Post: The President steps away from the podium, Beyonce belts out a few bars (or does she?), and then – without delay – comes the question: Who’s next? Somewhere in Trenton, a large man with a short … Continue reading

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The Politics of Empathy – How Obama Can Pass the American Jobs Act

The unsettling sounds of NPR hummed through the car on my drive to school this morning. “…poverty in the United States…at a new high…sixteen percent of Americans are impoverished…” Almost two months have passed since President Obama proposed the American … Continue reading

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Report Card – A Brief Response to SOTU

Substance He had a few different jobs to do from a few separate perspectives. In the Eyes of the Left He had to lay out his agenda in a definitive manner and avoid digressing from the party script. He had … Continue reading

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An Electorate on Edge – The Role of Patience in the Healthcare Debate

I drove to a coffee shop earlier today in an attempt to seclude myself from the minute-to-minute shuffle that accompanies the process of moving houses (that my family is currently wrapped up in). I had pages and pages of history … Continue reading

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Election Guide

If you think that more minorities belong in jail, vote Republican tomorrow. If you’ve seen your share of nature and have come to terms with letting the rest of it go, vote Republican tomorrow. If you think that no one … Continue reading

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An Appeal to Conscience

What isn’t incessantly beheld before an audience of captivated sets of eyes–that which quickly seeps into the sub-conscience like a Sharpie to tissue paper–is readily forgotten; it becomes obsolete. Attention Deficit Disorder doesn’t only render the SAT-taker distracted, but also … Continue reading

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Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy was not a perfect man. When he was a kid, he never quite met his parents’ standards and his accomplishments– on the surface– paled in comparison to those of his brothers. He was expelled from Harvard during his … Continue reading

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