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Report Card – A Brief Response to SOTU

Substance He had a few different jobs to do from a few separate perspectives. In the Eyes of the Left He had to lay out his agenda in a definitive manner and avoid digressing from the party script. He had … Continue reading

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America the Eclectic

I don’t really know anyone who eats raw eggs. Nor do I know anyone who eats raw baking soda. The same rule seems to apply to sugar, flour, and vanilla extract. You don’t eat them raw (that’s nasty). But when … Continue reading

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Election Guide

If you think that more minorities belong in jail, vote Republican tomorrow. If you’ve seen your share of nature and have come to terms with letting the rest of it go, vote Republican tomorrow. If you think that no one … Continue reading

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An uneasy mixture of a corporate ego and political corruption have finally caught up to Meg Whitman. In the past week, it has come out that the California gubernatorial candidate employed an illegal immigrant as her housekeeper for several years. … Continue reading

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Blind Zionism

On a soaring balmy mountaintop at the very top of the Galilee, a graying older man with a white goatee stands before an crowd of enraptured teenagers. Behind him, almost like a painting, is the motionless Lebanese village of Adaisseh. The … Continue reading

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A Disruption of School Affairs

A friend of mine lives in a particularly conservative city in south Texas; a city where 41% of the population is of Mexican descent and about 61% is Hispanic. When Arizona’s SB 1070 passed, my friend and twenty of his … Continue reading

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That’s Your Birth Certificate? I Don’t Believe You.

I was talking to a Republican friend of mine a few weeks ago. Roughly a week had passed since the Arizona immigration law had become legislation and we were vigorously debating it. I was irate and told him that the … Continue reading

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