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Fluorescent Traffic Signals – Why the GOP Needs to Read More Shakespeare

We seem to be a country continually prone to missing the signs. We’ve heard the story of the drowning man who refused the aid of three rescue boats, confident that God would save him; the novice batter who had just … Continue reading

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To Criticize, To Clarify – The Simultaneity of Hitchens’ Death and the War’s End

Last Thursday night, as I was studying at my desk for a few final midterms, my dad cracked open my bedroom door and told me to check the news: Christopher Hitchens had died. When I woke up on Sunday morning, … Continue reading

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Camaraderie Out of Extremity – Gratitude in the Wake of the bin Laden Assassination

Last night, I was flying with my family back from Portland to Los Angeles. As we strapped ourselves into our seats and powered down our cell phones, a muffled voice came over the plane’s speaker system. “This is your captain … Continue reading

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A Spicy Situation – Obama’s Libya Wisdom

When I was two years old, and my parents and I had been living in Manhattan for about a year, we had a visit from some out-of-town relatives. Because it was a special occasion, my mom and dad dressed me … Continue reading

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A Watchful Eye, Not a Loaded Gun – America’s Role in Libya

Last Friday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters that military action in Libya is still on the table. It shouldn’t be. America need not and must not act as an imperialist regime. It must be a global humanitarian … Continue reading

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Report Card – A Brief Response to SOTU

Substance He had a few different jobs to do from a few separate perspectives. In the Eyes of the Left He had to lay out his agenda in a definitive manner and avoid digressing from the party script. He had … Continue reading

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Election Guide

If you think that more minorities belong in jail, vote Republican tomorrow. If you’ve seen your share of nature and have come to terms with letting the rest of it go, vote Republican tomorrow. If you think that no one … Continue reading

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