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His Own Standard: Why We on the Left Must Hold Obama Accountable

Since September, the Obama administration has been under fire from a Republican weapon that seems to reload with aggravating perpetuity. Weathering attacks on the specific responses to the tragedy of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UN Ambassador Susan … Continue reading

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Guns and Glaciers: Why the NRA is Wrong About Newtown

Remember what Kurt Vonnegut wrote about Sandy Hook Elementary School? It was tucked within the first few pages of Slaughterhouse-Five: Over the years, people I’ve met have often asked me what I’m working on, and I’ve usually replied that the … Continue reading

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An Endorsement With an Asterisk

Written for the Huffington Post, published October 31, 2012: It felt almost as surreal as it did cold. I was a shivering, wonderstruck ninth grader. He was just minutes into his turn at the helm of the world’s most powerful … Continue reading

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Four Thoughts on the First Presidential Debate

Written for the Emory Wheel: Though they shared a stage at the University of Denver on Wednesday evening, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama seemed in different worlds. Their tones presented an eerie, almost disconcerting dichotomy: Where Romney contested, Obama conversed; … Continue reading

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Spurts of Political Contemplation – TBT Politics on Twitter

I am often asked what moves me to write any given piece for Truth Be Told. Generally, my response is that I write full-length articles “when I have something to say.” Often, however, I find myself inundated with shorter thoughts … Continue reading

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When Jews Criticize Israel – Why Cautious Rebuke is a Mechanism of Defense

Earlier this month, the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles ran an article entitled “Wolpe vs. Beinart.” The piece was Rabbi David Wolpe’s passionate and compelling response to an email Peter Beinart recently sent to supporters of J-Street. Beinart’s e-mail … Continue reading

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A Weapon of Distraction and Numbness – Fighting Computers in Classrooms

As featured in the Huffington Post, adapted from the original version on The Roar. I had never seen anything like it. I’d only left class for a few minutes, but as I was about to turn the corner, something caught my eye. I … Continue reading

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