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A Witch Hunt – Islamophobia in America

Last week, the Pope surprised the world when he exonerated Jews for the killing of Jesus. It was a nice gesture, though he was a little bit late to the party. Jews have endured thousands of years of turmoil as … Continue reading

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An Electorate on Edge – The Role of Patience in the Healthcare Debate

I drove to a coffee shop earlier today in an attempt to seclude myself from the minute-to-minute shuffle that accompanies the process of moving houses (that my family is currently wrapped up in). I had pages and pages of history … Continue reading

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The Potency of the R-Word – As Featured on the Huffington Post

As featured on the Huffington Post: It hardly comes as a surprise when Ann Coulter makes an offensive comment. The conservative commentator seems to make a career of spewing language that denigrates a different party practically each week. This week’s … Continue reading

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Tucson – In Retrospect, In Memoriam

Justice is audacious. Blame is worthless. History is the most honest of critics. Hatred is senseless.

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Backward Benevolence

“But daddy,” sobbed the little boy, faint tears trickling down his face, “You promised!” It’s a familiar scenario–one that we’ve all faced at one point or another. The child is at the will of the parent–who is disinclined to keep … Continue reading

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A Shattered Cultural Taboo

Left-wing political commentator Juan Williams was fired from his post at National Public Radio Wednesday night for a remark he made which was perceived by many to be insolent and politically incorrect. During an appearance on Bill O’Reilly’s show on … Continue reading

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Check Your Balances

“Only in Washington is it a radical idea to read a bill and know how much it costs before we agree to pass it.” Who said this? Sen. Jim DeMint. Why did he say it? Because, today, his office sent … Continue reading

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