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The End of Truth Be Told?

It was during a split second of unfeigned awareness – over a medium-sized cup of lychee berry frozen yogurt that I was sharing with my mom – that I decided to start writing. We’d been talking politics when a knowing … Continue reading

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The Right Questions After the March of the Living

Written for the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles: I’m standing with my back against a brick wall at Auschwitz. Monise Neumann points to an area just beyond her and tells a story. When Freddy Diament arrived at the forced labor … Continue reading

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A da Vinci, Then a Pollock – Reflections and a College Essay

This academic year, my classmates and I applied to and heard back from colleges. Over the past decade or so, the application process has become, in many respects, messy and circuitous. It asks more of us than some are willing … Continue reading

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The Politics of Being a Camp Counselor – Why There’s No Such Thing as a One-Sided Deal

For the past nine weeks, I haven’t posted on Truth Be Told because I’ve been working as a counselor at a prominent Jewish sleep away camp in Southern California. In the coming days, I will dive into what I’ve missed … Continue reading

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The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts – Why Memorial Day is Personal, Even When it’s Not

I’ve never fought in a war and I probably never will. I’m not brave enough. I could write about tragedy (and I often do), and perhaps my words would be resonant – but to me, they’d ring hollow, because I … Continue reading

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The Stars and the Stripes

I’d like to share a speech that I gave today at my school’s 9/11 memorial assembly. It is an introduction to the National Anthem. _________________________________________________________________ When I woke up on September 10th, 2001, there were a lot of things that … Continue reading

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Provoked Thoughts

The following are two poems that I wrote, sitting on the side of the main road between the barracks of the Majdanek death camp outside of Lublin, Poland. The first I wrote staring up at a long road, and the … Continue reading

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