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America the Eclectic

I don’t really know anyone who eats raw eggs. Nor do I know anyone who eats raw baking soda. The same rule seems to apply to sugar, flour, and vanilla extract. You don’t eat them raw (that’s nasty). But when … Continue reading

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An uneasy mixture of a corporate ego and political corruption have finally caught up to Meg Whitman. In the past week, it has come out that the California gubernatorial candidate employed an illegal immigrant as her housekeeper for several years. … Continue reading

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Toying With Nature

In early June, the sagacious people of California voted to institute Proposition 14, which called for something called the “Top Two” system. In short, the “Top Two” system changes the idea of a partisan primary. It places all the candidates from … Continue reading

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Painting them Blue

The Republican side of the gubernatorial campaign in California is, in several ways, a great work of fiction. Steve Poizner (who is gaining ground) and Meg Whitman have spent a considerable amount of their funds on creating balls of mud … Continue reading

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