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A Weapon of Distraction and Numbness – Fighting Computers in Classrooms

As featured in the Huffington Post, adapted from the original version on The Roar. I had never seen anything like it. I’d only left class for a few minutes, but as I was about to turn the corner, something caught my eye. I … Continue reading

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Gingrich vs. the Media – The Battle He Can’t Win

It’s difficult to look back upon Sarah Palin’s unsuccessful vice presidential bid without calling to mind her relentless attacks on the “lame-stream media.” It seemed that every stump speech brought a new chapter of her vendetta against the press, with … Continue reading

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When It’s Worth It – Speaking When You Can Be Heard

On Monday night, my SAT class stopped being just a weekly bubble-in fest. The class is made up of just two students: David, another high school Junior who goes to an ultra-religious Yeshiva type school in West Los Angeles, and … Continue reading

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Everyone’s been so caught up with Arizona’s new immigration law that we’ve been ignoring another total injustice: Arizona’s new teaching law. The Department of Education in Arizona has announced that it will begin to cut funding from schools that employ English … Continue reading

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