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To Criticize, To Clarify – The Simultaneity of Hitchens’ Death and the War’s End

Last Thursday night, as I was studying at my desk for a few final midterms, my dad cracked open my bedroom door and told me to check the news: Christopher Hitchens had died. When I woke up on Sunday morning, … Continue reading

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A Watchful Eye, Not a Loaded Gun – America’s Role in Libya

Last Friday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters that military action in Libya is still on the table. It shouldn’t be. America need not and must not act as an imperialist regime. It must be a global humanitarian … Continue reading

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“Only Iraqis”

Sometimes presidential jargon can become confusing and misleading. In fact, that is often precisely the administration’s goal: to say one thing while making it look like they’re saying another. For today’s post, I’ve taken snippet’s from the president’s speech and … Continue reading

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Headline ADD

I have this concept that Americans (and perhaps people all over the world) have, what I call, “Headline ADD”. Often, there’ll be a huge event, and people will become hysterical over it, panic, or just talk about it a lot. … Continue reading

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I’d like to know the origin of the notion that killing people solves problems. Maybe it’s a way of creating a scapegoat, or perhaps it’s just a way of blowing off steam. It could be that they have something that … Continue reading

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