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His Own Standard: Why We on the Left Must Hold Obama Accountable

Since September, the Obama administration has been under fire from a Republican weapon that seems to reload with aggravating perpetuity. Weathering attacks on the specific responses to the tragedy of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UN Ambassador Susan … Continue reading

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Camaraderie Out of Extremity – Gratitude in the Wake of the bin Laden Assassination

Last night, I was flying with my family back from Portland to Los Angeles. As we strapped ourselves into our seats and powered down our cell phones, a muffled voice came over the plane’s speaker system. “This is your captain … Continue reading

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Financial Floortime – Meeting the Country Where it’s “At”

My younger brother Ezra was diagnosed with autism when I was five years old. Because the neurological disorder puts a damper on socialization, I’ve actively searched for ways to connect with him on an interpersonal level since I was little. … Continue reading

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Report Card – A Brief Response to SOTU

Substance He had a few different jobs to do from a few separate perspectives. In the Eyes of the Left He had to lay out his agenda in a definitive manner and avoid digressing from the party script. He had … Continue reading

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An Electorate on Edge – The Role of Patience in the Healthcare Debate

I drove to a coffee shop earlier today in an attempt to seclude myself from the minute-to-minute shuffle that accompanies the process of moving houses (that my family is currently wrapped up in). I had pages and pages of history … Continue reading

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Civil Disobedience – What if the Democrats Had Compromised Less?

It’s time to admit that the ship of any sparse hope of party unity has sailed long ago. There no such thing as “typical” in Washington anymore. The crossroads at which we find ourselves is one of many options, many … Continue reading

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Peculiar Leakage

This will be very quick, because I have quite the workload right now, but there was a story tonight that caught my eye and bothered me quite a bit. In fact, I read it, and my response was so vocal … Continue reading

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