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Please Don’t Talk Us Down

Our society is intolerant and suppressant of the voices of youth. Individual prerogative and independent decision-making are virtues to be cherished, not detriments for adults to frown upon. In this free American society of ours, “We The People” seems to … Continue reading

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What Did You Expect?

In Israel over the weekend, a so-called “groundbreaking” story emerged. Eden Aberjil, a female Israeli soldier (who has finished her required time in the army) posted pictures to Facebook that were widely considered disrespectful and offensive. The pictures displayed Aberjil … Continue reading

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Notes of Irritation

Unless someone asks me to do otherwise, I think that this will be my last pre-written post. I am happy to share more about my trip to Poland and more from my journal if someone has the desire to read … Continue reading

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Last night, I returned from a seven-week trip that changed the way I look at the world on a political level, but also on a sociological and religious level. In the coming days, I’ll take a short hiatus from narrating … Continue reading

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