Don’t Blame the Architect

On a warm June evening in 1858, a young, unknown senate hopeful addressed a Republican convention inside of the Illinois State House. With full-bodied conviction, he set in motion what would later grow into his movement against slavery:

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

He was talking about servitude and its proponents, but the essence of his words could teach some modern-day political groups a thing or two:

Dear Republican National Committee (RNC),

My grandfather has explained to me, on several occasions, that an organization sans a unified approach will fail. Companies whose CEO and Board of Trustees have differing visions. Schools whose administrators preach a mission statement when their teachers don’t embody it. Political organizations who can’t follow a leader. All are detrimental business models– houses that are destined to fall.

You are a party divided against yourself. From the far-right, the Tea Partiers have begun to poach your politicians (and potential politicians) and pressure them into moving further right than is healthy. State Party Chairs, congressmen, and senators have called for your National Chair, Michael Steele, to resign. In response to criticism, thirty-one of your State Party Chairs have written a letter in support of Steele. And, to top it all off, Michael Steele, himself, is taking his cues from– you guessed it — the ever-delightful Rush Limbaugh.

You’re a mess. Yes, Democrats relish your mayhem and use it to their advantage. But in the end, it’s unhealthy for the country, and it doesn’t bode well for any sort of comprehensive legislation that will actually help people. You’re a steroid to the Democrats and a poison to the greater good of the country.

Congress is already more polarized than it has ever been. The fight to secure the most basic right in human civilization (healthcare) lasted fourteen months and detached lawmakers from reality while dividing the country against itself. Your lethal chaotic poison cannot seep any further into the congressional bloodstream. The country can’t take it.

RNC, you need to get it together.

Forget the greater good. Do it for Trig, Track, Bristol, Piper, and Willow.


Apprehensive American


One thought on “Don’t Blame the Architect

  1. When that senate hopeful said “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” he was ostensibly trying to win a trip to Washington as U.S. Senator from Illinois. You neglected to point out that, although he had lots of good lines in that and other speeches during the campaign, he lost the election. Undeterred, he re-oriented himself and published his speeches in a book, which apparently was not a best-seller until some years later. It is rumored, though, that his housing-related blog led to a career in residential real estate development (which is where the big bucks were anyway).

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