Crist the Cunning

On April 29, the Governor Charlie Crist (R-FL) declared that he will run as an Independent in November’s Senate race, and encouraged Florida Independents to support and vote for him. After lagging in the polls against his Republican primary opponent, he quickly transformed into an opportunist. He shifted his ideology and party allegiance, and began catering to a fresh and separate demographic.

Charlie Crist should take a lesson from Joe Lieberman.

People don’t like flip floppers. People like their politicians when they are committed to solving major problems with wholehearted conviction, not when they make politically convenient U-tuns. When Joe Lieberman lost the Democratic primary and ran as an independent, he began losing Democratic support. When he beat his Republican opponent, he began to lost Republican support. When he sabotaged the public option through Machiavellian tactics, he lost more democratic support, and when he does vote with the Democrats, he loses Republican support. Joe Lieberman is a highly disliked politician, and it’s because he’s an opportunist. After his healthcare maneuver last winter, 81% of Democrats in Connecticut did not approve of his job performance. Republicans disapproved of him by a “48/39 margin or with independents who do so by a 61/32 spread” according to a poll by Public Policy Polling. It ends up totaling to about a twenty-five percent approval rating with the state he “represents”.

Charlie Crist seems to have one constituent: Charlie Crist. ___________________________________________________________________________________

P.S. John McCain, if you lose your Republican primary, please don’t pull the whole country through a battle you know you’ll ultimately end up losing. Retire with dignity.


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