He’s Reached the Dark Side

To me, John McCain’s story is a sad one. As the Arizona GOP’s primary draws near, the difference in the polls– between McCain and J.D. Hayworth (his GOP contender)– have begun to close drastically. An April 17th poll concluded that Hayworth is within five points of catching up to McCain (and most political strategists would conclude that McCain’s chances of winning the primary are slim).

During the campaign, there was some truth to John McCain’s constant “maverick” rhetoric. He had been, at one point, a truly open-minded and progressive Republican. But as time has come and gone, he’s felt forced to move further and further to the right. His state is really a hot-spot right now because of its sudden ramp-up in anti-immigration law, and has triggered radical responses from both sides of the spectrum, all across the country.

In 2006, at a point in time when he was revving up for presidential race and really trying to appeal to the conservative base, he had still not compromised all his values. With Sen. Ted Kennedy (the Liberal Lion), he proposed a bill (S1033) that would– in time– put illegal immigrants on the road to legal citizenship. Yet, now, in a sad, desperate attempt to get one, last term in the Senate, his ideology has weakened.

Watch this brand new campaign ad and express your thoughts below.


2 thoughts on “He’s Reached the Dark Side

  1. Ami, first of all, congrats. This blog is fantastic and really informative. Keep it up. Second, I agree that McCain’s political chameleon-ism is kind of sad but I’m not sure that the fence “plan” is such a bad one. If not, how do you stop illegal immigration? Doesn’t a senator have to be concerned with stopping something that is, by definition, illegal? This, of course, is a separate argument from the one about what to do with people already in the country illegally.

    • Danny, you may be right. After all, Israel has also built a wall — not to keep out illegal immigrants, but to keep out terrorists. And it has made a difference in Israel. (But it is sad on so many levels, too. A sad reality.)

      McCain is not a leader anymore. He’s led. He’s very, very much a follower. A desperate follower. Also sad.

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