Painting them Blue

The Republican side of the gubernatorial campaign in California is, in several ways, a great work of fiction. Steve Poizner (who is gaining ground) and Meg Whitman have spent a considerable amount of their funds on creating balls of mud to sling at each other. The campaign has gone from, “Who can prove him/herself the more qualified candidate?” to “Who can make up the most creative lie about his/her opponent?”.

On the small-scale, each of these raging conservatives is trying to paint the other candidate blue, framing them as liberals. Sure, that’s a way to stimulate the GOP base, but let’s be frank: neither of them are anywhere near liberal– fiscally or socially.

On a larger scale, they are literally lying about one another; especially Poizner about Whitman. In a new ad, the Poizner campaign says, of Whitman’s immigration stance, “She supports Obama’s amnesty plan.” But on her website, it says the following:

The woman’s a full-hearted Republican! Let the world see that, so that she loses the general election! Also, check out this ad from the Poizner campaign. It’s disgusting that it’s all come down to lies and unreasonable conjectures.


2 thoughts on “Painting them Blue

  1. Ami, great commentaries, going all the way back to the start of this blog. My reaction is to both “Painting them blue” and “ADD” — in other words, the TV ads are so ridiculous that I have to immediately change the channel when they come on! I was reminded recently of an episode of The Daily Show where Mike Huckabee was the guest. he and Jon Stewart held a debate and discussion about their opposing views of the issues for the entire show; completely civil, no trash talk, and it was the first time I think I had honestly EVER heard two sides presented fairly and cogently on television. On a comedy show! May never see it again…

  2. Ami, regarding these two Republican candidates: I too have been appalled at the lack of truth and multitude of exaggerations (i.e. non-truths) that have been slung at each other. I believe she has spent at least 54 million and he over 20 million, each from their own pocket. I hope the public can just filter out the hypocrisy and focus on what each has been recorded saying, and then of course vote for the Democratic candidate. Each election, false “comments” have expanded, mud slinging is in. The ads indicate the candidates themselves are swirling in a sea of vagueness, afraid to pronounce their real thoughts because doing so might cost them votes. But remember, not ALL candidates are liars.

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