The Second Coming of Glenn Beck

Ladies and gentlemen, the next junior senator from the great state of Kentucky: Rand Paul. A May 19th Rasmussen poll had the Tea Party candidate twenty five points ahead of his Democratic challenger. Here’s why that’s disconcerting:

  1. His Civil Rights Position: He is against a clause in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that forbids private companies from racial discrimination. It’s not because he doesn’t like minorities, though; it’s because he doesn’t “think the government should get involved in banning it.” He says, “that’s just a negative that we have to tolerate in a free society.”
  2. He says things like this: “What happened in Germany, when the Weimar Republic printed up so much money and you carry it around in wheelbarrows? There was a collapse, and they actually voted in a Hitler. You could get something like that in our country if we’re not careful and vigilant.”
  3. He sees things as black-and-white: “I think that sounds really un-American in his criticism of business,” he said about Obama’s criticism of the BP companies mistakes. The company’s mistakes led to the immediate deaths of eleven people and environmental destruction that will last for generations. It’s okay to be critical of business.


3 thoughts on “The Second Coming of Glenn Beck

  1. You are so right on! I heard his entire debate with Rachel Maddow on her show the other night and was simply appalled. She got him! At least even many conservatives are backing away as quickly as possible from him, especially because of the civil rights bill and BP comments. Oy!

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