Do Not Disturb

Within the last week or so, there’s been quite a bit of speculation into the causes and motives behind Al and Tipper Gore’s separation (and the separation of their daughter, Karenna Gore Schiff, from her husband). Pundits and confidantes of the Gores’ have been interrogated on live television about what may have gone wrong in the high-profile couple’s marriage and if rumors of affairs were true.

Al Gore is not a serving public official, nor is his wife, Tipper, nor are any of his children. The public sector does not have the right or privilege to know about the internal intricacies of their marriage.

Additionally, even if Al Gore was still an elected official, the public would not have the right nor would it be appropriate for them to have the desire to know what went “wrong” in the Gores’ marriage.

Marital issues do not affect a public official’s stance on healthcare, or the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, or social security, or any political issue on Washington’s agenda.

Unless a public official has violated the law, the public does not have the right to know the trivialities of his/her marriage.


One thought on “Do Not Disturb

  1. Well, of course we don’t have the right to know anything about a private citizen’s marriage. But when you sign up to be a public figure, people are just going to be curious. It’s human nature. What I want to know is why they just bought that house in Oprah’s neighborhood near Santa Barbara. And if they’re not gonna use it, I’d like to.

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