Share Truth Be Told!

Spreading the Truth Be Told love just got easier!

As of today, when you click on a post to read it, there will be five buttons at the bottom of the post. Want to post an article on Facebook? Click the Facebook icon. Want to “Digg” it? Click the Digg icon. You can also Tweet TBT posts, as well as post them to StumbleUpon, Reddit, and WordPress. (There are also printing and e-mail icons.)


(Special thanks to TBT reader Rich47 for the suggestion.)


One thought on “Share Truth Be Told!

  1. You are so correct on this! When no one is refuting the false “statements”, let alone creating a crucial image of taking charge and being pro-active, the good guys can be slipping down into oblivion (i.e. out of office). What is wrong with Obama and his so- called brilliant advisors? They have let the NO gangs of legislators and the Tea Party buffoons do their things and act as if all is well. Don’t they realize that millions of Americans have no clue as to what the truth is? In an earlier time, we would telegram thusly: Get off your butt and move it–i.e., get going!!

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