Peculiar Leakage

This will be very quick, because I have quite the workload right now, but there was a story tonight that caught my eye and bothered me quite a bit. In fact, I read it, and my response was so vocal that my dad had to come in and make sure that I was alright. Here’s the deal:

For months now, it has been speculated that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel would eventually resign from his prestigious post to run for Mayor of Chicago. The rumor has never been confirmed, but it’s been generally accepted that Rahm wouldn’t remain at the White House until the end of the term. Key term: never been confirmed.

It seems that the White House thought that now would be a good time to leak that Rahm has officially decided to leave the White House. Sources “close to Emanuel” say that they “see nothing that will stop a run.” Fine. Great. Cool. Let’s get some fresh blood moving around the West Wing. But really? It’s thirty five days until the midterms, the Democrats are trying to repair their image as a cohesive, unified, calm/cool/collected party, and this is when they decide to leak it? Hmm.

It is, however, important to remember that this White House doesn’t do things by accident. David Axelrod is always shaping the next “message of the day,” so is this an attempt to garner bipartisan support or tear down a sectarian threshold of sorts? Rahm is a polarizing figure who has alienated a lot of Republicans (and, for that matter, Democrats). Perhaps this meant to look like a stride toward the beginnings of political re-cooperation.

Update: Pete Rouse, who, during his time as an employee and Chief of Staff in Congress, was known as the 101st Senator, is likely to become the interim Chief of Staff.


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